Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Prize Winners

After much delay, I must recognize my first group of tourists. The Hopkins NCCU team. I have no idea who was holding down the unit because Todd, Angela, Amanda, Jess, and not least of all Molly were holding down Reno. Luckily Tahoe got one big storm or the activities would have been sans snow. We had three in a row at Northstar, and even found some stashes of powder. It was a week flavored with faulty air mattresses, belly laughs, people sleeping in closets, ice skating, and fine mexican cuisine. I think we all may be barred from Bonanza Casino for winning too much...or for asking the dealers too many questions, I'm not sure. Angela even captured some priceless video footage of Todd showing his passengers how to cross (i.e. jump) Galena Creek in his rental Dodge Nitro (Which was returned lacking a piece or two of factory plastic). By the time they left I felt at least two time zones closer to home;)

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