Wednesday, February 20, 2008

John Muir

Pay attention and you might see his moniker pasted on multiple schools, roads, and trails. There's even an asteroid named after Mr. Muir, ironically his largest modern day decoration has been appearing on the back of the Cali state quarter. Johnny was quite a character, immigrated from Scotland and became the first modern American preservationist. Ever hear of the Sierra Club...that was Muir's baby. Every Yosemite visitor can thank him for his work. It's no surprise when the likes of Teddy Roosevelt and Ralph Emerson wanted to visit the "Mite" they sought Muir out for one-on-one backcountry tours from the man you knew it best. Can you
imagine sitting in on those campfire conversations?

Recently I checked out some of his namesakes, Muir Beach and Muir Woods. Truc, Remi and I walked fire roads along the beautiful rocky coastline of the beach, and shortly after I looked into Muir Woods with Alex and John. Stunning rocky perching points were abundant. Both days were clear enough to see the Farallon Islands 20 miles out to sea. This is where 4,000lbs Northern Elephant Seals come to breed and 2,500lbs Great White Sharks come in high concentrations to feed. Pretty sweet stuff, that Muir is so hot right now ;-)

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idgaff said...

i would love to be at a blake teddy johnny campfire..(no homo)..